June Reading List

It's time for my June Reading List! Unlike last month, for June, I could only manage to get one book 'on time' and in time to do this post, in keeping with my theme for the month - Fantasy Reads! Once I had decided my theme for the month, I sat down to figure out... Continue Reading →

May Book Haul & Reading List

I know I’m ten days too late with this month’s book haul, but I’m going with the cliché “better late than never”, to make myself feel better. This month I decided to go with the theme of books written by children’s authors. So, I wasn’t really particular about reading books tailored for children, as long... Continue Reading →

March Book Haul

March Book Haul Introducing the Book Haul posts! I plan to buy around 4 to 5 books every month, read them all and review them before the end of the month. One exception that I will be making this month is that I will not be finishing all the books on this list, because I... Continue Reading →

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