Travelling Tales: What Eventually Went with Me to Sri Lanka

After my dilemma about which book(s) I should take on my trip to Sri Lanka, I happened to take Lee Child’s Worth Dying For and Haruki Murakami’s Men Without Women. Yes, this time I travelled with just 2 books – a conservative number, considering my paranoia (cloaked as obsession) when it comes to not having enough books to read on a trip (especially a 7 day long beach trip).

And this time, I was quite pleasantly surprised to see that all I needed was Worth Dying For on this trip. It was a gripping story. And much like every Lee Child book, full of drama and action. Perfect. Of course, this is not a review of the book. I will do a proper review in a few days,  but I couldn’t help feel good that one book kept me good company.

Of course, Men Without Women played a big role in my peace of mind. Knowing that I had another book that would demand as much attention, if not more, was quite comforting. I knew that I had another good long book to indulge in, should the need arise.

Wait, I wonder if this sounds like all I did in Sri Lanka was sit in my room and read. No, absolutely not. I went to the beach (oh, them beautiful beaches), saw a few pretty fish from above the waters, tried my hand at snorkeling and failed quite miserably, got tanned, ate some good food and incredible crab (yes, crab is food, but it merits a special mention) and enjoyed the sands and the weather.

And in the middle of all this, I would find an hour or two to just sink into my soft bed and read…


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