Travelling Tales: What Eventually Went with Me to Sri Lanka

After my dilemma about which book(s) I should take on my trip to Sri Lanka, I happened to take Lee Child's Worth Dying For and Haruki Murakami's Men Without Women. Yes, this time I travelled with just 2 books - a conservative number, considering my paranoia (cloaked as obsession) when it comes to not having... Continue Reading →


Top Ten Tuesday: Books on My Fall/Monsoon TBR List

Yet another Top Ten Tuesday that had me scroll and scroll through all the books on Goodreads! It's so exciting. Well, as always, Top Ten Tuesdays are hosted by the wondeful bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish. In India, we don't have fall, but what we do have is a nice wet monsoon. And... Continue Reading →

Wake up Call

Like many things in life, sometimes you get wake up calls when you least expect it. And I got my 1st one to re-start my blogging attempt today, when I opened my WordPress app by mistake and saw a small, discrete notification from WordPress saying "Happy 2nd Anniversary". It hit me then, that 2 years... Continue Reading →

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