Pet Peeves: Borrowing and Lending Books

When I sat down to create questions for the Real Neat Blog Award  post, I racked my brain for things that all of us readers can relate to. And one of them was on pet peeves, which I feel is a very real issue for most of us. And as I thought hard about it,... Continue Reading →


Quote Unquote: Henry David Thoreau

“Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all.” - Henry David Thoreau Well, here’s another quote that borders on the morbid! But I feel that this should be a thumb rule that readers should try to follow, most of the times. I mean, I have to... Continue Reading →

Real Neat Blog Award

I’d like to thank Ajoobacats Blog for nominating me for this award. I’m really happy and flattered. This post’s been a few days overdue now (and that's been quite a disappointment), so let me get right to it! But before I start, here are the rules: The Rules Thank and link the blogger that nominated you. Answer the 7 questions that... Continue Reading →

Quote Unquote: Bill Watterson

“Reality continues to ruin my life”. Who else, but Calvin can say something so poignant without sounding serious? After I read this quote on Goodreads, I could not focus on anything else. It resounded in my head, gently yet loudly. I kept thinking to myself “Isn’t it so true?” Especially when you are reading. Most... Continue Reading →

Snap! It’s Time for Something New

So, I started my blog with the intention of just sharing my impressions about what I read. And soon, my idea evolved to let the blog turn into something that lets me share more about my relationship with reading and the whole experience that comes before, after, and during it. Being able to add all... Continue Reading →

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