Stacking the Shelves – 16th September

This week’s Stacking the Shelves was supposed to be momentous for me, considering the fact that I was purchasing books after nearly 7 months. How I went so long without seeing a new book on my shelf, only I know. The one consoling fact that I clung on to was that my bookshelf had a few unread books that I could have completed had I wanted to.

So, the new books that I had ordered on Amazon, was supposed to be a breath of fresh air.

Only, that it ended up not being so.

To cut a long story short (and to not use this blog to whine), 3 of the 4 books I ordered did not arrive. Now for the really thin silver lining in this story… the 4th book – Imaginary Fred – did come. Hurray! That’s reason enough for me to celebrate.

Imaginary Fred is supposed to be a quirky and unique book by Eoin Colfer. Need I say more? I’m already in love with it. Now add Olive Jeffers’ illustrations to the mix and what you have is a book for keeps.

Have you read any of Eoin Colfer’s books? Do let me know what you thought about them!


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