Jill Barklem’s Brambly Hedge

Last year, I had managed to challenge myself to read book genres that I hadn’t ventured into in a long time. And one of them was children’s books. I was pleasently surprised at how much there was to get out of a children’s book, even as an adult. So, when I found out that someone I know had a children’s book series (Jill Braklem’s The Complete Brambly Hedge) that she adores, I simply had to get my hands on it. And I did. I got it when I was at work and it took all the will power I had, to not open and flip through the pages. That evening on my way back home, I flipped open the front cover and before I even saw the first page, the book had connected with me. And it was a beautiful bond that was forged. More than the stories in the Brambly Hedge, the illustrations in it just captured me. It was gorgeous. The complexity in each picture. The warmth, the colourfulness, the soul. It just made me so incredibly happy. It don’t think I have admired illustrations in a book, as an adult, this intently. The book deserved all the attention I doled on it. So, to be honest, I kind of just skimmed through the stories. I did not spend too much time reading the details or understanding the characters, who were surprisingly complex for the few words that were spent on each. Given a chance, I will definitely pick up the book again. The next time, I will try to spend a few more minutes on the words on the pages, and a few more on the illustrations. Have you read the Brambly Hedge too? Let me know your thoughts!


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