It’s a Monday! And I’m Reading Marissa Meyer’s Cress

It’s a Monday! What are You Reading is a book meme by Book Date. It gives book bloggers a chance to give an impression about the book they are currently reading. Well, I’m right now reading Cress, by Marissa Meyer. It’s quite an unusual read for me because I either prefer a completely futuristic or fantasy based book or a tried and tested children’s book. This book and its predecessors from The Lunar Chronicles fall in the middle of the spectrum.

They each deal with a popular story from children’s books that most of us grew up reading and place them in the future, quite far in the future. While the first book in the series – Cinder – took a while to grow on me, the remaining two, Scarlet and Cress (which I am currently on) have become fast reads. Sometimes, too fast. I noticed that there are a few too many parts in the book that I can skim over and not miss out on much. And that’s a little sad. I like it when books make me feel guilty for skimming, not relieved that I did.

That’s not to say that Cinder is not a good story. It is, to my relief. I think Marissa Meyer’s ability to merge the very fictional past with the future is commendable. And I want to do justice to the book by giving my honest impression about it – and this I will do in the next upcoming review. So, till then, here’s to hoping that the book brings up some truly interesting elements that I can talk about. Until then, fingers crossed.

Have you read Cress already? Do leave a comment letting me know what your thoughts were. I’d love to hear them!



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