Wake up Call

Like many things in life, sometimes you get wake up calls when you least expect it. And I got my 1st one to re-start my blogging attempt today, when I opened my WordPress app by mistake and saw a small, discrete notification from WordPress saying “Happy 2nd Anniversary”. It hit me then, that 2 years ago, around this time, I had decided to start recording my Goodreads Challenge. And here I am today, with nothing close to that challenge to keep me going in 2017. Does this mean I haven’t read this year? Nope, I have read about 1 book a month. Does this mean I haven’t looked for inspiration on blogs for new books to read? Nope, I have done some digging around. But, sadly, none of it has translated into words about my impressions of them, on this blog.

And WordPress’ wishes opened my eyes to this.

So, what has actually kept me away from the little time I used to set aside for blogging? Netflix TV shows.

My 2nd wake up call came when I was looking up TV shows to watch and I saw that Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale has already been released as a TV series and so had Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. Now, I am one of those who’d love to read a book before watching it on any screen. While I had managed to finish Handmaid’s Tale last year, American Gods remains a summit to be conquered – one that I had set out to accomplish nearly 5 years ago. This made me realize that I have a long way to go on this journey with books and that I haven’t reached any signifcant milestones this year.

So, here I am, trying to push myself forward, so that the next wake up call doesn’t find me in the same place as I am today.


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