Pet Peeves – Reading in the Dark

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote a post on one of my pet peeves. So, today I present to you one of my biggest gripes when it comes to book-related experiences – reading in the dark. Now I know that we, who are alive in the 21st century, are fortunate enough to have a few tools that can make reading in the dark a possibility. But I still haven’t found that one contraption (forgive the dated word usage) that can make reading in the dark a pleasure. 
Of course, there are the small reading lights that you can attach to books, but for some reason, when I strap it onto my books, I have got many a judgemental looks that mean to say that I look ridiculous. While it doesn’t totally bother me, I wish there was a solution that would let me read without making a spectacle of myself. 

In desperate situations (where a book was so compelling and I did not have my reading light and I was travelling by road) I have even pulled out my phone, turned on the light and read. But these have all been makeshift solutions. I really wish there was a way to illuminate pages without drawing too much attention. 

Needless to say, when I talk about reading in the dark, I mean to exclusively consider only physical books and not e-books. Because if it were the latter, then well, this would not be an issue. But with books, this always is an issue for me because I read quite a bit when I am travelling back from work, which happens to be at night.

Am I being silly? Or is this an issue even you face? What is your solution to this problem? Let me know your thoughts! 

Until next time.. cheers and happy reading!


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