Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave Series

Imagine living on a planet where you cannot trust anyone. No one. Not even your parents, siblings, and eventually, or even yourself. That’s the kind of reality that Rick Yancey has created in The 5th Wave series. This is a three part series, with the titles – The 5th Wave, The Infinite Sea and The Last Star. It’s a story about aliens that don’t invade the planet the cliched way – with arms and ammunition that’s degrees better than ours.

Instead, they attack us from the inside out. Creepy isn’t it? Well, Rick Yancey has captured this quite well consistently, especially when Cassie has her first encounter in the book with a human. Or is it an alien? Well, you will have to find out if you haven’t read it already. You can get an impression of the first book here.

Let me give you a quick glimpse into the series, overall. Of course, this will not be a detailed review/impression like the ones I usually do, because honestly, it has been about 2 months since I finished the 2nd and 3rd. But I will try my best to recap my strongest impressions about the books in this post.

The book revolves around Cassie and her hunt for her brother Sam, in a chaotic world, where people have been infested by “Others” – the term used for the aliens colonizing the Earth with their mind games. And as you get through the books, you will see how the story is the unraveling of one mind game to take you to the next, which leads you to the next and so on and so forth.

What I liked most about this book is that while this story is bout Cassie and her brother Sam and their journey through the mire that the aliens have created, it is also a story that gives importance to other characters. They have plenty to do, they have their own dilemmas and their own battles to wage. And it’s kind of refreshing for me, because the other alien-based book that I read last year – The Host, by Stephanie Meyer, to which I had a lukewarm feeling ended up being a story about just this one girl and her war within herself. It can get tiresome after a point.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like this book doesn’t have it’s own share of cliches. Of course there were bits that made me go “Oh please, not this”. But for the large part, the plot, the characters, and the interesting story-line were enough to keep me rooted with the book. (Well, that and the fact that I was racing against time last year to meet my Reading Challenge).

Overall, this book kept me interested, with its strong characters and a good story to boot. I would give this book 3.5/5. Have you read The 5th Wave Series? What did you think about it? Let me know!


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