2016 – A Look Back – Part 2

Just the the other day I was reflecting on what my year was, in terms of books and reading. And I realized that like almost everything else there were both ups and downs. The ups, I have captured briefly in my post 2016 – A Look Back. The downsides, I share now:

  • Blogging took a backseat: After my trip to Goa in August this year, blogging has not gone the way I would have liked for it to. Once I took a short break from blogging, I found it difficult to find that balance again between reading and writing about it. I’m truly disappointed in myself for it. This just became worse in the months where other things came up and took the front seat. What I’ve learnt from this (or I hope I have learnt) is that I need to make a (realistic) plan that I can follow, come rain or sunshine.
  • Strike a balance between what I want to read, what I can read and book recommendations: While I have managed to get that balance between the first two, I haven’t really done much justice to the recommendations I got. In 2017, I plan to achieve this balance.
  • Read more and actually meet the Goodreads Challenge: I think this is quite self-explanatory.

What have your downs been, reading-wise? Let me know! And hey, wish you a Happy New Year filled with the promise of more amazing books and posts and great connections in the blogosphere!


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