Weekly Bookish Feature or Meme List

In my past couple of blogs, I have talked about how bookish features and memes by fellow bloggers have been a source of inspiration for me to get my blogging back on track. So, today I decided to pick some of them and make a mini list of bookish features and memes that I would absolutely love to do every week.

Before I begin: This is in no way a comprehensive list of memes or features by book bloggers. There are many many more out there in the blogosphere. These features are just what resonated most with me. So, if you feel that there’s a meme or feature that I may just enjoy trying, please feel free to suggest in the comments!

It’s a Monday! What are You Reading? by Book Date
Share a little bit about the book that you are reading and the one that you plan to start next. Of course, this will not be a book review. It’ll just be a few lines on your impressions about the book. I haven’t tried this meme yet. I hopefully will, the coming week!

Top Ten Tuesday by The Broke and the Bookish
The hosts put up topics that your Top Ten Tuesday post can be about, well in advance. From experience, I know that getting the topic ahead of time really helps me plan the post (if I am doing it) and get everything in order. There are times when I skip it because, well, I did not plan it properly, or the topic was not what I wanted to blog about. Read my latest Top Ten Tuesday post here.

Wishlist Wednesday Pen to Paper
This is a personal favourite. I have done my own version of this feature a few times without realizing (until today) that this was being hosted by another blogger. Well, I’m glad to know that I am not the only one who has a growing wishlist of books that I don’t own yet and desperately want! So, if you have come across a book that you definitely wish you owned but don’t link up to this feature and just talk about it!

When I First Saw You by Sailing Through Books
What a fun meme! Though I haven’t done this yet, I plan on doing a post soon about it, I know that this is a bookish meme/feature where you take a look at a book cover and make up your own summary of what the book is all about. Won’t it be fun to do this and later compare notes between your assumption based on the book cover and what’s actually between the covers?

Book Beginnings on Fridays by Rose City Reader
Pick up the book you are currently reading, turn to the first page and do a blog post about your thoughts on the first line in the book. I did my first Book Beginnings on Friday post recently (click here to read it) and was lucky to have the perfect first line to quote. But I was wondering what would be an alternative if you don’t have a great first line? I’m guessing you could do variations, like take the first line of any chapter, maybe?

Stacking the Shelves by Tynga’s Review
This is the post that I’m sure excites many a book blogger. Because this means one thing – stacking your bookshelf! And show me one bibliophile who doesn’t enjoy buying books and watching their bookshelf get fuller. It’s an incredibly satisfying feeling. And well, why not write about it?

Well, I think I’d skip a bookish meme/feature for Sunday, and just write a post that I just feel like – may be do a book review! Hey, after all, that’s what a book blog is all about, isn’t it? 🙂


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