I’m Back & I Bring My Top Five Bookish Villains

The past couple of weeks have been rather busy, quite unlike any this year. And of course, like most other things, my book blogging too took a backseat. But when I finally started contemplating my next blog post, I started looking for inspiration. Oh yes, I do have my 4 Harry Potter book reviews to do, but I wanted to start again with something light-hearted and fun. So, I visited The Broke and The Bookish and decided to give some of their older topics a revival here. Thank you, The Broke and The Bookish, for these relatable fun book blog topics!

Today, I will talk about my Top Ten Bookish Villains. Actually, let’s make that Top Five Villains from Books I Read in 2016. Because, to be absolutely honest, I would exhaust my list just talking about Disney villains. I don’t know if anyone will agree with me on this. But some of the Disney villains are horrendous. So, before I digress any further, I present my list of characters that were convincingly horrible, from books I read in 2016. These were the characters that I absolutely hated:

1. Voldemort from Harry Potter: Now that I am finally reading the Harry Potter books, I can officially say that I hate Voldemort. I mean, okay, you are a big, old, powerful and mean person/thing/whatever. And you like a good challenge and you’d like to live longer – enough to take on a baby who by sheer luck and with the help of some magic grows up to become a teenager? I mean, come on. Don’t be ridikulus. I’m still on the 6th book of the series, and I am sure there’s a lot more I will find out about Voldemort in the remaining pages. While he doesn’t come across as scary to me (may be because I’m reading this as an adult), his need to kill Harry Potter is annoyingly scary.


2. Other Mother from Coraline: I never thought I would enjoy the genre of fantasy that borders on horror – horror, even if it’s written for children. But this year has been a year of discoveries as far as my preferences in books go, and I realized that as long is it’s written by Neil Gaiman, I will always read it. And so, one such book that I read was Coraline. In it, the Other Mother is a scary character, who has buttons for eyes *shudders*, makes children do things they think they want to do, and traps them forever, by making them believe she is their mother. The Other Mother gave me the creeps.

3. Ursula Monkton from Ocean at the End of the Lane: Another Neil Gaiman book makes it on this list. No surprises here. This is the first Gaiman book I read and felt deeply about. One of the reasons was Ursula Monkton – this evil force that’s out to get the protagonist, who is.. wait for it… a young boy! She manifests in the most unimaginably scary forms. First as a creature that resembles a dirty ragged carpet that’s floating in the air, and waiting to take control. Then, as a worm that’s made it’s way into the body of this young boy. Many times, characters seem gruesome because of the scene it creates – blood and gore and all that – other times, the character, vengeful for no reason, just stamps fear into your heart. Ursula Monkton is that.

4. A Character from Before I go to Sleep: Like I said in my review of the book, it’s scary enough if you wake up every morning without any memory of who you are or what your life is all about. Imagine, how bad would it be, if, occasionally you remember things and it’s stubbed out. And how much worse would it be if you found out you were in this state because of someone, and you didn’t know who it was? I’m not delving into the character or the character’s name, because it would be a huge spoiler. But, it’s this character and everything it’s done, that makes this book worth the read.

5. Colonel Vosch from The 5th Wave Series: So, while I was away, on my little break from book blogging, I not only made my way through the Harry Potter series, but also the 5th Wave series. From the time Colonel Vosch appears in the series, you know he is bad news. Remorseless and relentless, he’s the kind of villain that can pull down humanity in the face of a threat from the aliens. It’s bad enough that you have aliens attacking you left right and center. Now throw in Colonel Vosch and you have an attack that’s aimed right at the heart.


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  1. Absolutely agree, Ursula Monkton was terrifying! I really want to read Coraline, it sounds amazing. So far Ocean at the End of the Lane is the only Neil Gaiman book I’ve read, but I definitely want to read more before the end of this year 🙂

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