Love Used Books, Hate Shopping for Them? Amazon to the Rescue

So Amazon has gone and done it. Finally. has started an online used bookstore! I found out about it thanks to a little birdy over at The Later Alligator Blog. And all day long I’ve been doing the victory dance – in my head, of course. Why, you ask me? There are many reasons, my friend. But the biggest and most glorious one of them is the fact that I love used books. No. Sorry, that’s not really true. I looooooove used books. Now that’s more like it.

Unfortunately, for people like me, who have relegated their shopping desires to the mercy of the internet, online shopping is the only answer. And I do that. Quite a bit in fact. I online shop for books, clothes, action figures (for my husband, who is a huge action figure collector), furniture, and groceries. Yes, even groceries. But, I’m not complaining. Online shopping is the answer to most of my prayers. And now, to my prayer for used books.

So, why do I looooooove used books? For a multitude of reasons. Firstly, the smell of used books is just something else. They have this sweet fragrance that cannot be captured in a bottle. Secondly, used books have more personality than new books. Used books have been there, done that. They’ve seen it all. They are weathered and aged. And well, like aged wine, books just get better with time. Thirdly, and this requires some luck – some used books have these notes, annotations, tickets, bookmarks, pressed flowers and what not in them. Just the prospect of finding them is so exciting.

While this is not an exhaustive list, these 3 reasons are the top factors that drive me to go for a used book. And I can’t wait for October to roll in so that I can head on over to Amazon’s used bookstore and bring you my book haul!

PS: This is not a promotional post for Amazon. It’s just a post that’s let me vent my fierce looooooove for used books, again.

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7 thoughts on “Love Used Books, Hate Shopping for Them? Amazon to the Rescue

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  1. Mmm. Used books do smell wonderful, don’t they? I’m super excited to hear the good news about Amazon’s online bookstore. That’s fabulous!!

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