LM Montgomery’s Anne of Avonlea


When a book takes over your day the way LM Montgomery’s Anne of Avonlea does, it’s indescribable. But I will try. Anne of Avonlea is a continuation of the Anne of Green Gables series written by LM Montgomery. While Anne of Green Gables surprised me with a story telling that was simple and beautiful and gripping and unbelievably imaginative, Anne of Avonlea took all of this up by ten notches.

Anne of Avonlea walks you through Anne Shirley’s life as a young teenage girl who is transitioning to become a woman. She’s a girl with an imagination and a warm heart unlike anything you’d come across in any book, who soon finds herself in the role of a teacher. Determined and unperturbed, she takes on all the challenges that come her way as a teacher.

She soon also finds a couple of kindred spirits like her – people with a penchant for keeping their minds alive with a vivid imagination that’s both comforting and splendid. Anne gets swept into the lives of these people – partakes in their joys and sadness, and shares her own. Once I started the book, there was no stopping. Even when I was not reading it, my mind was surprisingly still mired with all the little adventures that Anne was having, and all the great things that were yet to happen.

And happen they did. Not with a loud bang. Instead, the just rolled on so effortlessly, one after the other. What I absolutely loved about the book was the fact that LM Montgomery had thought through every character and every event so beautifully – everything happens so naturally and with no effort at all. It does not happen too often with a book.

In fact, what happens with most books is, you know where a story is going. You know where a character will end up. You can suspect a number of things. But not with this book. If you do happen to suspect the arrival of a new event, it’s only because the author wants you to.

This book is simply a work of beauty – it has laughter, joy, surprise, admiration and sadness too. I was surprised when a couple of chapters brought tears to my eyes. To be honest, I have rarely come across a book or a TV show or a movie that’s moved me to tears. It’s really hard for me to cry when I’m reading or watching something. I don’t know why. But this book really did strike a few chords. And in a way, I was happy about it.

I just realized that if I give myself free reign, I just might sit and talk (or write) for hours about this book – right from what I made of the title, to where I predict what the next book will be about. But, let me practice restraint, for your sake and mine, and stop this post here.

Would I recommend this book to you? A big, big, big loud yes. Yes, please.


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