Blogger Recognition Award


A huge shout out and thanks to Holly at Ink Spy for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! What I like about these tags and awards is that it really makes me take the time to just focus on what I really enjoy about blogging – the books, and reading them and the whole experience around them.

So, without further ado, let me get on to the post:

Firstly, the Rules:

  • Thank the one who nominated you and link to their blog.
  • Do a post about what got you started with this.
  • Share a little bit of advice that new bloggers can take away.
  • Select fifteen other blogs who you think really deserve the award.
  • Visit the blogs you nominated and let them know it.

Well, ever since I could remember, I have enjoyed reading. While I’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship with reading, books have been a constant part of my life and I’ve loved it deeply for this. And it’s quite sad that besides my mum and a couple of friends, I’ve really not come across anybody who shared this love for reading. But I’ve seen a camaraderie and a rich community in the blogosphere – among the people who read.

And I’ve been quite intrigued by it. I’ve wanted to experience this and be a part of it. I’ve wanted to share what I think about a book with people who actually care about it, and people who have opinions too about it (whether they are the same as mine or not). So, the seed for blogging about books was sown a few years ago. But I was worried that I was giving myself a false sense of hope. What if I was creating this utopia in my mind and was setting myself up for disappointment? What if my experience was going to be dull?

Well, after a long time spent contemplating the what ifs, I finally reached the true tipping point last year, when I signed up for the Goodreads Challenge midway. And I really drove myself to meet the challenge (but sadly fell short of). During the challenge, I came across some good books, some astonishingly poorly written stories, some surprisingly heart-warming ones and some books that I just can never recommend. That’s when I realized that I wanted to actually put my thoughts about these books down and chronicle them, and put them out there to see what others think about them. I mulled over it for the longest time.

And then, finally, 6 months later, this January, I decided to just go for it. And up went my first post. And then a few more gradually. Thanks to the acceptance that the blogging community (especially the book bloggers) have extended to me, I have felt encouraged to keep going. Honestly, that’s what pushes me to post even on days like today, when it feels like it’s next to impossible to find the time to post. My blogging journey has been fun and exciting. Most of all, it’s encouraging, and I really hope to keep doing this for as long as I can.

A few thoughts for young bloggers:

I really don’t think I’m any position to advise new bloggers, so what I will do instead is share a few thoughts on what I think may help:

  • Share your views – even if you feel discouraged that your previous posts have not got many views.
  • If you have an idea or a thought that you’d like to share, but are sceptical, go ahead and post it. You can always make changes later.
  • Engage with others – it’s a truly rewarding experience.

And lastly, for my nominations:

Happy reading!




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