My Weekly Wishlist: The Lake House by Kate Morton

the lake house

I came across The Lake House when I added The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton to my Goodreads bookshelf. And I instantly knew I had found the next book that would go up on my Weekly Wishlist. Why? Because I loved The Forgotten Garden a couple of years ago and really liked the book. Though I don’t remember much of the story now, I still feel fondly towards it every time I see it on my bookshelf – everyday.

Well, so what is The Lake House all about? It’s a story about Alice Edevane, who lives on the idyllic property and spends her free time writing suspense stories. However, her family is about to be the center of one. After a party ends, the Edevane family realize that their 11 month old son has disappeared and the culprit is not found. Years later, Alice moves on with her life, but a young woman comes along with the potential to change that. She may just unearth secrets that the family had left behind.

So, why am I interested in a story like this? It’s these kind of plots that are right up my alley. I love love books that have an element suspense and mystery mixed with family drama. And that’s what I imagine this book would be. If I get my hands on this book, I will definitely drop whatever I am reading, to spend time with this!


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