Quote Unquote: Austin Phelps

“Wear the old coat and buy the new book.”

– Austin Phelps

Well, this is yet another quote that I think speaks volumes in just these few words.

However, when I was reading it, there was one thought that cropped up. It’s that to me, it doesn’t really matter if the book is new. I’d in fact prefer it if the book was old, or second hand, or even older. I just love used books.

They have a personality that a new book will take years and years of sitting on a shelf, in your bag, and on others’ shelves, being doodled and scribbled on, being used as a safekeeping place for bookmarks (and anything that passes for bookmarks), plane tickets, bills, notes, and whatever else your imagination and the book can hold.

That’s why, I really would not mind wearing the old coat and buying several used books.


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