My Weekly Wishlist: The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle

Last night, I started off with the quintessential (more like mandatory) research that I’ve started doing before I decide what theme and subsequently what books I will include in my next month’s book haul. Considering the fact that what I decide will influence my entire reading experience for a month, I try to spend a considerable amount of time on this exercise.

While doing this yesterday, I came across an incredibly adorable looking book – The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle – that I realized would cost me more than what 5 books (the number of books that I typically add to every month’s reading list) would, and then some. That stopped me in my tracks, and had me looking at the cover longingly and telling myself that I would be better off with this book on my (growing) wishlist.

Honestly, it’s not just the cover that had me hooked. It was the title, the summary, and everything in between (read: my imagination). From what I have understood, the book is about the last unicorn, an aged but determined creature that sets off on an unpredictable journey of discovery, survival and unlikely friendships.

All the while, when reading the summary on Amazon and Goodreads (which seemed unusually abrupt), I could imagine all the ways in which this book would infuse that element of magic that’s unique to a book like this. What really has me yearning for this book is the statement that Amazon has under the product description of the novel: “This is a book no fantasy reader should miss; Beagle argues brilliantly the need for magic in our lives and the folly of forgetting to dream.” – Nona Vero

Check out the first book to make it to my weekly wishlist.


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