Travelling Tales: The Masinagudi Jungle Vacation

So I’m back from the trip to the Masinagudi jungle resort! It was everything I was hoping it would be – calm, serene and relaxing – even though a good half of the time was spent on the drive to and from the resort. At the resort and on the drive we got to see a couple of herds of spotted deer, a few wild elephants (also a mother-calf duo), peacocks and wild boars.

Mother elephant and her calf grazing leisurely: En route to Masinagudi

The resort is picture perfect – just right for a post card – with the distant Nilgiri hills, the trees in the jungle, cozy cottages, seven lazy dogs that have made it their home along with a whole host of wild animals and birds.

What made the trip even better for me was the fact that I got the time that I wanted to catch up on a bit of relaxed reading in solitude. Nothing hurried, nothing rushed. In a typical day, I would have to do my reading when I’m travelling to or back from work, or late at night just before I wind down for the night. This time, I got to sit by the pool surrounded by all the greenery I could ask for, and read.

And read I did! I finished one book from my book haul for this month and I just about started the second one. This is the most reading I have managed to do during such a short trip (where I got just one and a half days at the resort). So, all in all this vacation was quite close to perfect.


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      1. Actually I travel out of the country only when time and occasion permit – which is not much. So even if I’m able to grab only a vacation within the country, I just go for it. And when everything works in my favor, I do make the rare trip overseas. 🙂 How about you?

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      2. Not so much, Not at all, very rarely but perhaps soon. I work seven days a week. Having seen these images, my main query was if you have been at Africa, which country if so ? 🙂 – Cezane

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