A Book, the Beach and Well, Of Couse, Me!

Those who know me, know that there’s no other place I would rather spend my days at than on the beach. But, with reality being the way it is, I am about as far away from one as I can be, in Bangalore. Of course there are beaches that are a few hours’ drive away.

But that’s not the same as stepping out of my room, walking a few steps on and sinking my feet into the beachy sand with a book in my hand. This of course is one of my top happy things in life! But wait… It’s also one that brings me a lot of anxiety – I’m always worried that I will not have enough to read when I am on vacation or generally when I am travelling.

To quell this worry, I carry my Kindle (which I have slowly started appreciating). That way, I can travel with as many books as will give me peace of mind, and at the same time not have to carry all that weight around. For me the beach is the perfect place to read – it’s quiet and calm while at the same time being busy and active. When I’m reading I can get lost between the pages, and when I need a dose of reality I just need to look up and what I see is my idea of a perfect reality.


One thought on “A Book, the Beach and Well, Of Couse, Me!

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  1. That is exactly why I love my kindle! When I went to Florida on my spring break, it was so nice to have x number of books at my fingertips without all of the weight. I still love the occasional physical book, but I’m really getting spoiled having access to my books just about anywhere I am, haha.


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