My Weekly Wishlist – The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

The second I saw the book The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George on my reading recommendations on Goodreads (thank you Goodreads, yet again you give me a reason to be happy), I knew, I just knew I wanted it and that it had to go up on my wishlist.

But then, in the interest of being a responsible grown-up (or living up to the illusion of it), I have refrained from ordering for this book. That, and the fact that the book costs a small fortune – the hardbound version costs almost the same amount that I paid for the entire collection in my “April Reading List” – has stopped me from rushing for this book.

So, what about this book has really caught my attention? The cute and incredibly adorable summary, which I guess is a small excerpt from the book. In short, it says that there’s a bookshop keeper who believes that there are different books suited for different people, based on their different needs.

He even thinks that books are both “medic and medicine”. And the shopkeeper sells his books exactly like that – categorized according to ailments. He runs his bookshop with the aim of healing hearts. But the question is, why has he not been able to heal his own?

The answers to all this, I’m hoping, even his mysterious belief and may be even proof of it, lie in Nina George’s The Little Paris Bookshop – the book that I am longing for.

Picture credit: Jon Shave’s Bookshop in Limgoes on Flikr. No changes were made.


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  1. The whole “book for an ailment” reminds me of a book I picked up at the Jaipur Literary Fest last year. It’s called The Novel Cure, An A-Z of Literary Remedies. I didn’t even open it until now, when I read your post =D

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