Quote Unquote: Bill Watterson

“Reality continues to ruin my life”. Who else, but Calvin can say something so poignant without sounding serious? After I read this quote on Goodreads, I could not focus on anything else. It resounded in my head, gently yet loudly. I kept thinking to myself “Isn’t it so true?” Especially when you are reading.

Most often, when I am lucky enough to come by an amazing book (or, let me be honest, even a remotely good book), I am so drawn in by the book that little else matters. Everything else is noise. I try to block it, shut it out, or just ignore it. But it’s reality. It has a way of making its way into my little cocoon of peace, whether I let it or not.

When I’m holding one of these good/amazing books, all that I want to acknowledge is what’s in it. It’s a beautiful world where I can breathe and exist where the book wants me to be. Where I can exist in it, till the narrator shoves me out when the “ending” arrives. I don’t want reality to intrude in that space that the narrator creates for me. But, like Calvin says, “Reality continues to ruin my life”.


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