Snap! It’s Time for Something New

So, I started my blog with the intention of just sharing my impressions about what I read. And soon, my idea evolved to let the blog turn into something that lets me share more about my relationship with reading and the whole experience that comes before, after, and during it. Being able to add all this has made me extremely happy. Now, I have a small idea that I want to add and make me a tad bit happier.

What’s that? Well, it’s sort of like a book cover review – blog posts where I put up snaps of books with pretty, cool or interesting covers that I have fallen in love with. Book covers that I want to share my thoughts on. Initially when I had the idea of reviewing book covers, I worried that it may seem trivial. What I didn’t know was that bloggers out there were already doing this. And once I discovered this, I kind of made up my mind to go ahead and start this new section.

All that I needed was a little push, and that’s this post. This post is an introduction to this new section that I will soon be adding (still deciding on a name) with book cover snaps. So yes! It’s time for something new!


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