Quote Unquote: Melissa Marr

Sometimes you come across quotes that are so in sync with a phase or situation in life. And recently, when I decided to stop reading A Clash of Kings, I came across this simply brilliant line by Melissa Marr “Life is too short to read books that I’m not enjoying.” So true.

When I’m caught between that mental rock and a hard place and feel forced to choose between continuing to read a book that could possibly put me off reading for weeks (I have sadly had this experience more than once), and stopping it midway and accepting that I will never return to it, I spend hours wondering if I’m ready to make the decision.

However, when I come across a quote like this, I realize that yes, there’s no point in pushing myself to persevere with a book that has the potential to make me abandon reading, even if for a brief period. Life is too short indeed to read a book that does not make me smile, want to recommend it to someone else, want to revisit in the future simply because I enjoyed it so much, or just feel glad that I picked it up.

I then remind myself that there’s a whole world of books that are just waiting to be picked up. These could be books that can affect me in the way that satisfies me – even if it makes me angry, sad, bad, mad, whatever. As long as it doesn’t make me feel frustrated.

Nevertheless, I also have to remind myself that a quote like this is just an encouragement for me to not languish with a book, not to give up any and every book that seems slow or badly written. It’s a fine line to tread – and that line is frustration. Books that make me frustrated will henceforth be relegated to the books I will never finish shelf. And I will learn to be okay with that decision. Eventually.



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