Books I will Never Finish: A Clash of Kings

My first defeat of the year is here. Barely three months into this year, and I have accepted defeat – at the hands of George RR Martin. Much like the characters he loves to give an untimely death, my patience and perseverance to read this book too met with an untimely death. It’s been a good 5 days since I last put down the book, and I do not have the least bit of desire to pick it back up. Nope. Of the 600+ pages that make the book, I have got through a measly 150 pages. After 10 days of grappling with the book. That’s a big fat fail.

It’s not that I don’t want to find out what happens to Arya, Rob, Daenerys and Cersei. I do want to know everything that happens to them – just not everything around it, or leading up to it. George RR Martin has spun a long and splendid fairy tale that just became a bit too tiresome for me. I did not take the decision to put A Clash of Kings on my Books I will Never Finish shelf lightly.

It comes with the sour knowledge that I will never pick up the two other published books from this series (and one yet to be published), ever. Except maybe when I dust my bookshelf. Oh yes, the other two books are sitting there on my shelf waiting to be held and read. But they will never be. Will I have the heart to give them away? No. These were the first books my husband bought me after our marriage. So, they are special. It pains me to say that I will not survive reading these books. Even if I have all the time in the world.

But on the bright side, I will now venture to the other side of the invisible line separating books, and movies and shows based on books. I will soon get started with the series, of which I had seen a couple of episodes, but stopped midway because I wanted to read the books before I watched the show (also partly because the show kind of scandalized me – after a book and half of this series, I now know what to expect).

Where my Reading List for this month is concerned, I have made up for the big and bulky A Clash of Kings with a rather tiny but special book – The Grown up, by Gillian Flynn. A book review of this will follow soon!


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  1. You’ve done better than I have. I managed about half of A Game of Thrones before giving up (it probably wasn’t even half of it; I don’t remember all that much). I wasn’t very taken by it. Didn’t help I already knew that anyone I might like was going to die, horribly horribly, which I found quite off-putting.

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