Books I Know I Won’t Finish: Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl

I think that most people who have established a strong relationship with bookdom will be willing to accept that there is and will always be books that you will never finish. No matter what. And it’s only fair that I accept that these books did not work out well for me, acknowledge the reasons and move on to more compelling stories. So, here I start with Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.

Gone Girl was an exercise in patience. Honestly, when I started reading the book, I was quite enjoying it. Then for some reason, I started reading reviews about it. Yes, right in the middle of reading the book, I went online and checked out reviews – (quite uncharacteristic of me to pull such a stunt, but I did it anyway). That was the moment my feelings for the book started to change. It just got tainted. And since then, every page I read, I despised the characters – both husband and wife (Nick and Amy Dunne), Amy’s parents (the creators of Perfect Amy) and everyone in between.

I understand that this is exactly what a book of this genre is supposed to do. And that giving readers a fair enough reason to hate the characters is just a sign of good authorship. However, it was too much for me. I’m one of those readers that likes to have one character that I can hold onto and believe is good. The quintessential good guy/girl. In this book, I could not find it. No matter how hard I looked. I got to about half the book, and I was still groping around the dark for this anchor. And I just could not find it.

I think this realization was the point of no return. I just could not persevere anymore. And I am quite convinced that this is one book that I will not be returning to. However, I am willing to acknowledge the fact that the author has a knack to make you feel what she wants you to. And that not reading any of her books will be my loss, not anyone else’s. This is why, I have bravely borrowed “The Grown Up” by Gillian Flynn. I hope to finish this at least.


3 thoughts on “Books I Know I Won’t Finish: Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl

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  1. I felt the same way about this book. I did make it to the end, but it was a struggle. I hated all of the characters too, but the thing which made it so hard for me was the pace – it was supposed to be a thriller, but it was soooo slow and dull in places.

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      1. Haha yeah, it was a bit of a slog. I gave up reading it the first time (about 30% in) then came back to it a few months later, because I wanted to see if it got any better. Yeah I’ve seen the movie – I actually thought it was pretty good. I like the concept/story of the novel, but I just felt like it was poorly executed. But the film made up for the pacing issues, so I enjoyed it a lot more. Have you seen it?

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