James Patterson’s The Big Bad Wolf

I’ve always liked James Patterson books because his narrative style is just right for a crime thriller book. He arms you with all the information he believes you need, to not just understand a situation, but also some perspective about it. And that kind of writing is right up my alley. And that’s exactly what James Patterson delivers in The Big Bad Wolf, an Alex Cross novel.

The Big Bad Wolf is about a big bad wolf with a psychotic break that leads him to hunt down women for money. And Alex Cross is assigned to the mission to track the wolf to his lair and take him down.  In the meanwhile, you get a glimpse into some of Alex Cross’ personal life, and his everyday struggles with drawing the line between work and family, and being there for his children as a single parent (who also has the support of his Nana Mamma).

I don’t know if this was intended by the author, but somewhere, as this book went on, I got the feeling that the author was trying to draw a contrast between the big bad wolf and Alex Cross. The big bad wolf being a hungry, vicious, cruel and vicious being that loves the thrill of the hunt, vs Alex Cross, the family guy who is also in the FBI and has taken on the responsibility to shield and protect, no matter what. And how the hunter is also the hunted – the women, the big bad wolf, and of course, Alex Cross too.

There was nothing poignant in this book. This was a well-written crime thriller (a genre that I absolutely love), with predictably good and bad characters, a strong storyline and well, an ending that had me asking “Is there a sequel to the book? If there is, I just might sacrifice the reading list for this month, to sneak it into my list.” Now that I know there is a sequel called “London Bridges”, am I going to do that? Nah. George RR Martin’s calling. A Clash of Kings awaits.


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