Eoin Colfer: Creator of a Twelve Year Old Anti-Hero Who Convinces You he his Amazing!

Eoin Colfer has been a part of my teen years through Artemis Fowl. Owing to this, I will be referring to the series in this reflection on why I’d like to meet Eoin Colfer, not The Supernaturalist. In Artemis Fowl, Colfer created a character that tickled me pink even when it didn’t intend to. What I admire the most about Eoin Colfer’s writing (especially in Artemis Fowl) has been his ability to mix humour and fantasy around a fantastic plot that will keep you turning pages eagerly. If this doesn’t do the trick then his knack for wordplay will. And if even this doesn’t do the trick, then his storyline in which his 12 year old protagonist is not the hero, but the anti-hero should.

Eoin Colfer’s writing has spunk to it. It’s rarely boring. The twelve year old Artemis with the ability to wield a Sig-Sauer, interact with fairies and run missions like he has been in the business for over 50 years was a whole new and interesting take on imagination. And what’s intriguing is that Colfer convinces you that this twelve year old can actually exist.

Characters like Butler, Holly Short, Mulch Diggums and Opal Koboi seem larger than life and truer than in the imagination. They grow on you, and under your skin. Very few writers can do this. Most fantasy books have concepts like vampires, angels and demons that rely heavily on themes like romance, teen angst, and redemption. They can make you feel a bit jaded.

However, in Artemis Fowl, Eoin Colfer has built a pre-teen character that wants to find his father, and takes all his abilities in his stride and wields his off-the-charts intelligence like a smooth operator. He does have a crush, he does run into trouble, he does have his outbursts, he does have his moments of over confidence.

All of this just makes Artemis more likable and believable. All of this just made me wait in eager anticipation for each of Colfer’s books in the series to hit the bookshelves. I occasionally have dreams that a new Artemis Fowl book is in the making. Oh how I wish it were true! Any author who can make me dream like this is one I’d like to meet.


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