My Weekly Wish List – March 1/3

I’m super excited to start this series of posts on my weekly wishlist! With this, my list of books that sits all by its lonesome self on my Amazon wishlist, will move to this blog, where it gets to be seen (maybe). On this wishlist, I will talk about one book every week. One book that I really really really want to own.

First up is The Good Fairies of New York. I found out about this book last week on Goodreads recommendations for me, based on the fact that I liked Good Omens. Well, that’s a whole lot of good in one sentence! I’m a sucker for books about fairies, especially naughty and whacky fairies that get into trouble and cause some while they are at it. My soft spot for fairies was planted when I read A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare in school. Oh what a fun and spritely world it would be if we had characters like Puck!

So, you can imagine, when the book summary tells me that The Good Fairies of New York has a production about A Midsummer Night’s Dream in it, I’m sold. And when Neil Gaiman says “Read it now, and then make your friends buy their own copies. You’ll thank me someday”, I’m clamouring for my copy of the book. The only reason I haven’t yet made the beeline for the book is that I already have my reading list for March and April drawn out (I will reveal the April reading list soon!). So, I will have to hold on for a couple of months before I can set myself loose at an online store and make the purchase.

What the story’s about: In The Good Fairies of New York, Martin Millar tears open the fabric of what’s normal in Manhattan. Down, fall two fairies (intoxicated Scottish thistle fairies to be precise) who become friends with two humans Dinnie and Kerry, who they hope will eventually become more than friends. Really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of this book! Have you read this book? If you have, let me know what you think!


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