When How Far I Travel is Determined by How Many Books I can Carry

I’m a cautious traveller. And by that I mean that I’m cautious about the number of books I carry with me anywhere I go, especially when I’m travelling out of my city. I’m one of those girls that would probably have more books in weight than clothes when she’s travelling. I have this unreasonable fear that I will eventually run out of things to read on a trip.

I say that this fear is unreasonable because I am extremely aware a) that when I’m travelling, I’m actually setting out to discover new places, people, food, things and cultures in the real world, not just between the pages of my books b) that whatever is there to be uncovered between the pages will be waiting for me even after the 3 or 4 day trip that I’m about to set forth on c) that there are only so many hours on a trip that I will have free to cram in what I want to read (anywhere between 0 to 2 hours), and d) that I have company sitting across from me.

Well, to be honest, this feeling that I will not have enough to read is quite omni-present. Little wonder then, that I, who was formerly a snob about owning a Kindle, actually own one today simply because it lets me pack more books that any checkin baggage or tote will let me carry. Unfortunately, my Kindle does not have a backlit. So what will I do if I’m caught in the middle of a mindblowingly amazing book as nightfalls? *horrified gasp in my head*. So just be safe and prevent such situations from happening, I have downloaded the Kindle app on my phone too. This way I can pack a few extra books and then some, as there’s no issue of a lack of backlight on my phone. I just have to make sure that my phone doesn’t run out of battery, that I have my phone charger and that I’m close enough to a charging point. Mostly easily doable.

So, I think this fear is a real thing – there needs to exist a word to describe the irrational fear that one will run out of books to read. And when I say that I believe that the word “bookaphobia” or its equivalent should officially exist in the English vocabulary, I don’t say it lightly. I have actually looked up the term that best describes this, and the closest term I found was “bookaphobia”.  Do you agree?


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