The 2016 Goodreads Challenge is Changing My Life

Little else in the world is as exciting as the prospect of reading a new book. For me. It’s simply exciting. It’s my happy place. It’s my grumpy face place. It’s my “I-need-drama-and-I-need-it-now” place. It’s where I can just be. Which is why, there have been times when I’ve let myself play truant and just not read. Which is why the 2016 Goodreads Challenge is just what I, a keen procrastinator (why do today what you can do tomorrow, the day after, or well, never), need.

It keeps me on my toes and drives me to pick up that book that I’ve always been meaning to read, or a friend recommended, or have bought and left on my shelf for an eternity, or just did not grab my attention. Well, the Goodreads Challenge is just what the doctor recommended and I’m more than happy to take it.

Last year was my first experience with the challenge and I absolutely loved it. I was kicked about the fact that I had set a personal goal (I generally let myself feel kicked about different personal goals like a DIY project series that I wanted to run at prettylittlethings but didn’t get around to documenting) and had actually gotten close accomplishing it. While I set myself on cruise control for a couple of months after I signed up for it, I went full-throttle by the end of it.

And it was totally worth it. Every single page I turned mattered and made that journey thrilling. And while I did not get more than half-way down to the destination, I loved every moment of it. Okay, so you get the point. I loved the 2015 challenge and I took up the 2016 challenge too. While last year I (knowingly) set a slightly high expectation, I’ve gone in for a more conservative figure this year – one that I know I can meet. And I’m super kicked to say that I’m on track! Wait, it’s just been 3 weeks since the year started. Never mind. I’m still excited!

Are you like me? Do you procrastinate just because you can? Do you need a Goodreads Challenge in your life to get you thumbing those yellowing page? Let me know!


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