Impressions in a Nutshell

From the first time I read a book review, I’ve had an unusual love-hate relationship. A book review to me is like this gate at which I stand, before I enter a house. The gate gives me an idea of what I might expect to see inside the house. Is it a house of horrors, a sleepy house, a house full of laughter and hope, a house full or drama? It’s a source of mysterious revelations. The gate tells me what I want to know and helps me make up my mind – should I enter or leave. Which is why I love book reviews.

But sometimes, some reviews tell me more than I want to know. They swing wide open and show me more than I ask for, without any warning. And all of a sudden, the mystery is gone. And this I absolutely hate. Instead, I prefer what I call “impressions”. Impressions about what the reviewer thought, felt or sensed when reading the book. Impressions that you get as you turn the pages. Impressions that last much after. And this is what I hope to share on this blog. My impressions about what struck me most strongly in a book. And I hope these impressions leave you with just a feel of what the book is like, and not what you should expect in it.

What are your thoughts? Do you like traditional book reviews more than a reader’s impressions about what s/he read?


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